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  • How do I book an activity?
    You book via each individual actor's website/social media. You cannot book activities directly via this website.
  • How do I handle litter and recycling?
    Read more about how you take care of garbage, waste and recycling here:
  • Where can I find a tourist office?
    There is no physical tourist office in the municipality of Arvidsjaur. However, you will find information points at 5 different places in the municipality where you will find tourist information. These information points can be found here: Citizen's House The municipal building The business in Abborrträsk Finnbergs in Glommersträsk The trader in Moskosel
  • Where do I find public toilets?
    You will find toilets at Medborgarhuset in the foyer by the library. View in Google maps:
  • Where can I find a place to park a caravan/motorhome?
    Pitches for camping without water and electricity are available: At the intersection where road 95 meets road 94. See map here . In Lauker just after turning in. See map here . In Perch Swamp by the outdoor pool. See map here . There are larger parking lots for longer vehicles outside Elon audio and video (see map here ). You can only stand here for 4 hours.
  • Where can I find free parking?
    There are many parking lots to park in. You will find parking along Storgatan, along Järnvägsgatan, next to and behind Systembolaget, by the Medborgarhuset, on the square and more.
  • Where do I find lockers for my bags/luggage?
    At the busstation you'll find lockers to lock in your bags.
  • How should I dress?
    Summer: We have a typical Swedish summer between May and August. Some days can be really hot while others can feel cooler. Often the temperature is between 15-22 degrees. Bring a thinner jacket or sweater that you can throw on in the evenings if it feels cooler. Autumn: In autumn, which starts around September, the leaves start to turn yellow, orange and red. Now it might be time to put on a jacket and maybe a thicker scarf. Temperatures around 4-11 degrees Winter: The winter months can extend from November to March/April. In the beginning it is dark but but the latter part mote March April it becomes much brighter and warmer. The snow may remain in May. We get a lot of snow and normally the temperature is between -5 and -25. Bring coveralls and a winter jacket and warmer shoes/boots. An undergarment can also be good to have. Hat and gloves are smart to have. Our: Spring up here is not quite like other springs. We have something we call spring-winter and it starts to thaw around March/April when there is still a lot of snow but it gets lighter and the sun shines on the snow that has started to melt. The temperature is now around the 0 mark and maybe a few plus degrees above or below. Winter clothing still applies but use thinner or fewer layers.
  • What is the Swedish public right ("allemansrätten")?
    "Sweden's nature is open to everyone thanks to the right of access. It is a unique opportunity that means you can stay in most natural areas without worry, even in privately owned forests and land. It is also based on us taking responsibility together and showing consideration for animals , nature, landowners and fellow human beings." Read more at the Swedish Tourist Association The public right in other languages (Naturvårdsverket)
  • Where can I driva a snowmobile?
    There are many rules about where you can drive a snowmobile. Read about them here: In Swedish In English
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